Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену

Программка повторения к курсовому экзамену

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1. Артикль: определенный, неопределенный, нулевой. Главные случаи потребления определенного и неопределенного артиклей. Употребление существительного без артикля. Артикли с географическими наименованиями.

2. Имя существительное (образование форм множественного числа; исчисляемость и неисчисляемость; падеж).

3. Имя прилагательное . Образование степеней сопоставления прилагательных Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену по правилу , также исключения. Сравнительные обороты.

4. Имя числительное. Количественные и порядковые числительные. Чтение дат. Определение времени по часам.

5. Местоимения (личные, неопределенные, притяжательные, вопросительные, указательные, возвратимые и относительные, производные от some, any, no, every ).

6. Наречия. Степени сопоставления наречий. Место наречия в предложении.

7. Глагол. Понятие глагола-связки.

8. Времена британского глагола. Образование и употребление в Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену активном залоге.

9. Выражение действий в дальнейшем после if, when.

10. Предлоги места, направления, времени.

11. Пассивный залог.

12. Конструкция « there + to be».

13. Согласование времён. Ровная и косвенная речь.

14. Неличные формы глагола: Complex Object, Complex Subject, Герундий.

15. Модальные глаголы ( can, may, must, need, should, ought, shall, have to, be to) и их Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену эквиваленты. Модальные глаголы для выражения способности. Модальные глаголы с различными инфинитивами.

16. Сослагательное наклонение глагола. Употребление форм сослагательного наклонения.

17. Неличные формы глагола: причастие. Значение и употребление Present Participle и Past Participle.

18. Типы вопросов. ( Общие вопросы. Особые вопросы . Вопрос к подлежащему. Другой вопрос. Разделительный вопрос.)

Revise the definitions:

Synonyms Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену are words expressing the notion, but differing by certain additional characteristics.

E.g.:to look, to stare, to gaze.

The words differ by their emotional colourings.

Antonyms are words with contrasted meanings.

Paragraph is a single sentence or a group of sentences expressing and developing a basic idea or a particular phase Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену of thought. It’s purpose is to indicate the beginnings and endings of a thought unit.


The term is used in two different meanings.

1. In lexicology the term ‘ style’ defines a system of expressive means peculiar sphere of communication ( a friendly talk, an official letter, a poem, a Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену scientific article, etc. )

According to the situation we may distinguish formal ( bookish, learned) and informal ( colloquial ) words.

These are many words that are independent of the sphere of communication. Such words are stylistically neutral.

2. The term ‘style’ may be also used with reference to the manner of writing of some Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену particular author.

Summary is a representation of the contents of a complete work in brief. It’s expected to be about a sixth or a tenth of the original. It’s easier to make a summary of stories, novels and plays which have a plot.

Plot is a systematic Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену arrangement of events by means of which writer builds up a meaningful situation and shows the characters. Usually a plot consists of good beginning, a middle, and an end.

Essay is a short prose composition ( 5-20 pages ) on a particular subject. Usually it is an explanatory and argumentative nature. Unity of Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену essays is built up around the central idea. Unimportant details destroy the unity. Use the following words to connect paragraphs of an essay : on the one ( other ) хэнд, in the second place, on the contrary, at the same time, in particular, in spite of this, in the meantime, of course Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену, in conclusion, to sum up, in addition, moreover, finally, after all, and truly, in other words.

Narrator is the person telling the story ( also called the I of the story ). The narrator is an assumed personality and should by no means be confused with the author of the story Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену.

Plan is a list of points which you intend to develop in your writing in logical order or in order of importance with reference to time, to point of view and to situation.

Outline. The words “ plan” and “ outline” are sometimes used without sense discrimination. You make an outline when deal with Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену a work already written by someone else. Your outline can be expressed in : 1. key- words or brief topic phrases ; 2. complete sentences; 3. groups of sentences containing the main idea.

Revise Speech Patterns :

1. If I were you, I should keep an eye on that boy.

2. I rather like the idea of Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену having a cup tea then.

3. It would have been natural if the boy had gone to sleep.

4. He seemed to know all about influenza.

5. I can’t keep from thinking.

6. You like the way they work.

7. It is always interesting for tourists to take a trip along Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену the Thames in a boat.

8. Mother is hardly ever able to have a trip like that.

9. Father was afraid that mother might catch cold if she came.

10. It will never do to underline words in a library book.

11. That kept mother for a little while.

12. When asked this question, he would Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену smile and say nothing.

13. He used to work late at night.

14. I’m not used to receiving presents.

15. It was Judy who had to read plain books.

16. I needn’t have hurried.

17. He had been talking more than usual.

18. He looked at me with those kind blue eyes Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену of his.

19. There is hardly a country in the world where such a variety of scenery can be found.

20. Make him repeat the rule.

21. We must prevent him from leaving.

22. You can’t act without feeling.

23. His clothes мейд him hard to recognize.

24. These letters are hardly worth the Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену paper they are written on.

25. She was greatly impressed by his acting. So were they.

26. Rose thought him quite funny.

27. Jim and his mother heard the blind man approaching the door.

28. Rose wanted him to stop clowning for them.

Revise speaking on the following topics :

1. My idea of Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену a happy childhood.

2. Difficulties awaiting young teachers.

3. Reasons for children’s being unmanageable.

4. How to direct a child’s energy into the right channels.

5. Ideal upbringing.

6. At the Doctor’s

7. At the Dentist’s.

8. The National Health Service in Great Britain.

9. Illnesses and their treatment.

10. London ancient and living.

11. The sightseeings of London Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену.

12. The Tower of London.

13. Westminster Abbey and Westminster Palace.

14. Museums of London.

15. St. Paul’s Cathedral.

16. An Englishman’s meals.

17. Russian Cuisine.

18. Table Manners.

19. Education in Great Britain.

20. Primary schools in Great Britain.

21. Secondary schools in Great Britain.

22. Higher Education and Teacher Training in Great Britain Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену.

23. Choosing a carrier of a teacher.

24. Better unborn than untaught.

25. One of the most outstanding teachers and educators of the past.

26. Sports and games popular in England.

27. What makes all people kin?

28. Extreme sports.

Try to use the words and word-combinations from Vocabulary Units and Essential Vocabularies to Units I Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену, II, III, IV, V, VI :

Unit I : to feel helpless; to keep an eye on smb.; to shout smb. down; to bring up; to make lessons interesting , entertaining, amusing; to educate; a challenge to your character; responsibility; reliable; choice; profession; to be interested in; to consider teaching as a Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену career; to take up a career; to go in for teaching; rewarding/stimulating work; to earn gratitude and respect; appreciate; humanity; ignorance; boredom; to scold; to punish.

Unit II : medicine; ache; to have a sore throat; pain; painful; prescribe; prescription; fever; flue; scarlet fever; chicken pox; measles; diphtheria Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену; cough; sneeze; indigestion; injection; insomnia; disease; symptom; treatment; to examine a patient; to recover; to consult a doctor; to breathe in deeply; to keep to a diet; to fill sick and giddy; to test smb’s blood; to test smb’s blood pressure; to check one’s heart ( lungs); to Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену fill smb’s tooth; to pull out a tooth; to make an appointment with a doctor; primary health care; family practitioners; optician; pharmacist; to provide the first diagnosis; refer a patient to; to be paid through taxation; charges for dentures and spectacles; to complain; overworked; underpaid; nursing home Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену; hire a private room in an ordinary hospital.

Unit III : worth seeing; masterpiece; ancient; commerce; exhibit; the Victoria and Albert Museum; the Natural History Museum: the Science Museum; the Museum of London; Hyde Park; Kensington Gardens; Regent’s Park; St.Paul’s Cathedral; Westminster Palace; Westminster Abbey; Parliament Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену: House of Lords; House of Commons; West End; East End; the City; the Tower; Trafalgar Square; Nelson’s column; National Gallery; British Museum; armour; bury; contain; huge; guard; residence; specimen; statesman; to win the victory; at the cost of smb’s life; in memory of; under the command; Julius Caesar; William the Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену Conqueror; Queen Elizabeth; Christopher Wren; Big Ben.

Unit IV : to treat to smth. tasty; delicious; to boil; to stew; to fry; to roast; to bake; to have smth. for dinner; for the first course; to have another helping of ; to help oneself to smth.; plain food; underdone Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену; overdone; done to a turn; cornflakes; marmalade; Yorkshire Pudding; Haggis; fish and chips; kippers; “high tea’; pastry; biscuit; scone; Continental breakfast; to afford; cabbage; potato; tomato; cucumber; onion; beetroot; apricot; peach; plum; orange; strawberry; raspberry; mushroom; nuts; flour; sugar; salt; pepper; spices; to cut; to sprinkle; to mix; to Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену shake; to add; to pour.

Unit V : compulsory education; O-level; A-level; secondary education; further education; polytechnic; Modern School; Technical School; Comprehensive School; Public School; to specialize in teacher training; core component; optional subjects; Education Studies; Subject Studies; School-based experience; educational aids ; modern audio-visual facilities; visual aids Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену; to observe a lesson; supervisor; tutor; reader; lecturer; teaching staff; Bachelor’s Degree; Master’s Degree.

Unit VI : to kick the ball; to score a goal; to keep the score; to end a game in a score; to win a prize; to set up a record; tobogganing; yachting; lawn-tennis Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену; wrestling; athletics; gymnastics; calisthenics; billiards; soccer; rugger; amateur; hang gliding; windsurfing; mountaineering; rowing; hockey; fencing; ski-jumping; sky-diving; archery; discus-throwing; figure-skating; to go in for sports; to attend matches; to support football team; to try; a spectator; to hold a race; to participate in Программа повторения к курсовому экзамену international match; to coach a team; to take the first place in public interest; great national спорт.

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